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LTD in Community Service Charity Drive 2016  

It is a new year with new plans and goals set for the year.

The project called GIVING BACK started in 2015 where I give stationary to underprivileged kids in a community. Last year we a great success with this project and I decided to do it again this year. LTD is all about going big or don't go at all. It was great fun. Nothing beats a smile and a thank you form a child sealed with a hug, it is a priceless experience.

So... It was a very hot day but heat can not keep good work at bay. We went out to a community South of Johannesburg called Orange Farm. Met with the community kids. They lined up in anticipation of getting a parcel with some goodies and school stationary. Some of them you could see that they don't even know where the next meal is coming from. One of the reasons I love doing what i do, is seeing a smile on their faces and helping them forget about their situation even if just for a little bit. It is a humbling experience and one really gets to be grateful for your life. We have so much but never say thank you once.
Take a moment and reflect on your life, know that there is someone out there wishing they had your life.

Thank you Orange Farm for your warm welcome and for all the kids who came out in the heat, I had super fun. It was such a privilege meeting you all. All the best for the year 2016. Study hard and make your parents proud. Don't forget to say please and thank you.


I am looking forward to next year. I might be visiting your community next.

For donations of any kind, you can contact the LTD office. A GREAT BIG Thank YOU to everyone who supports this initiative and opened their hearts to the needy. 

Thank you your support is heartfelt...


LTD Leogrishca Trading Designs  

LTD is an internet cafe situated in the south of JHB in an area called Meredale. Close to the M1, Southgate Mall, Sun City Prison, Naturena, and surrounding areas.

 LTD is a very diversified internet cafe offering a variety of services to the public.  It is a very private and secured place to do your everyday business.

We have great student offers, birthday specials with birthday messages, as well as public holiday savings.

We do data capturing, wedding / baby shower / anniversary /  birthday invitations, and much much more.

We do bulk stock on stationary so you save more. We do stationary packages and delivery too. Inquire for more information. 

We also cover branding, business cards; letterheads, web development, graphic design, and a whole lot more!

With flexible staff and all round trading hours you can be sure you getting service of great quality and satisfaction.